Pages containing information and personal pictures and videos on Australia, New Zealand, Virginia, Oregon, Kentucky, The Great Barrier Reef, Australian Rainforests, Waterfalls from VA OR and NZ, New Zealand cities, Pennsylvania, Longwood Gardens, Ricketts Glen, Jefferson National Forest, Daniel Boone's Gravesite, Frankfort, a huge floral clock, and many more! Virginia, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Australia, New Zealand, Auckland, Taupo, Queenstown, Koala, Kangaroo, Crocodile, Parrot, Waterfalls, rainforest, reef, ocean, Great Barrier Reef, Daniel Boone, Great Falls National Park, Natural Land Bridge, parasailing, jet boating, aussie, Multnomah, Wahkeenah, Frankfort, tomanawas, overlook, dragon's tooth, Huka Falls, geothermal, Milford Sound, Bay of Islands, dolphins, fur seals, rafting, skytower, jefferson, Floral, clock, forest, national park, falls, cascade, longwood gardens, garden, rickett's glen, state park

Pictures, videos, descriptions, stories, and modifications of David Lozinski's 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 with an Extremor ground effects kit, filter charger, triple platinum plus, Accel racing wires, 4 wheel steering, full time all wheel drive (AWD), knight rider lights, chrome wheels, active aero system, active exhaust system, Bozz Speed spoiler extension and side skirts, 6 speed manual transmission, and a whole host of other features. Mitsubishi, 3000GT, VR4, Bozz Speed, ground effects kit, body kit, twin turbo, turbo, 4 wheel steering, all wheel drive, AWD, knight rider lights, chrome wheels, Extremor, filter charger, Accel, spark plug, triple platinum, magnetic fuel line saver, active, aero, exhaust, spoiler extension, side skirt, 6 speed, manual transmission

Has lots of information as well as pictures on various types of Dragons including Western, Eastern, Worms, Wyrms, Wyverns, Faery, Sea Serpents, and many more! Red dragons. White dragons. Evil dragons. Good dragons. Women of fantasy. Warriors and dragons. Black dragons. Brown dragons. Green dragons. Miscellaneous dragons. Western. Eastern. Chinese. Worms. Wyrms. Wyverns. Faery. Faeries. Sea. Sea serpents.

Information, descriptions, videos, and pictures on my gardens which include a pond and water garden (with videos!), bulb garden, and carnivorous plants! pond, water, fish, goldfish, comets, fresh water, fountain, waterfall, landscape, landscaping, gardening, planting, bulb, bulbs, hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, iris, crown imperials, grape hyacinths, crocus, dutch bulbs, venus flytrap, sunder, pitcher plant, dionea, drosera, carnivorous, carnivore, soil, dirt, fertilizer, aldrovanda, utricularia, pinguicula, butterwort, sarracenia, cephalotus, nepenthes, filter, pump

This page is a collection of Ocean Art pictures, most by Christian Reese Lassen. Ocean Art, Art, Ocean, Oceans, Christian Reese Lassen, fish, marine, life, water, animals, artwork. Circle of Life. Cliffs of Kapalua. Dawn of Creation. Dawn of the Dolphin. Eternal Rainbow Sea. Golden Moment. Harmony. Hawaii Sea Passage. Heaven. In Another World. Infinite Way. Kahana Falls. Maui Moon II. Napili Love. Night Dancer. Ruby of the South Pacific. Sacred Pools. Tropical Eve.

Contains many short stories for every audience from children on up into adult material.

Photos and videos Dave Lozinski performing and playing rock'n'roll and boogie-woogie piano. Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson, Meade Lux Lewis, boogie, woogie, rock and roll, piano, 88, ivories, grand, baby grand, upright grand, 8 to the bar, blue, blues, swing, music, 1930, 1940, 1950, Jerry Lee Lewis.

David Lozinski scuba diving. Pictures and Videos. Great Barrier Reef. Gold Coast. Australia. Virginia. sharks. Diving with sharks. Tiger shark. shovel nose shark. Leopard shark. starfish. Finding Nemo. Lake Rawlings. Coral. Coral reef.

David Lozinski and friends playing paintball. CO2 tank. Liquid CO2. Nitrogen. Compressed air. Paintball markers. Angel. PMI. Spyder. Venturi bolts. Evil paintballs. PMI-Piranha. Jerk squeegee. Barrel condoms. Paintball mask. Anti-fog. Case of paint. Autococker. Smart parts. Total freak kit. Tippmann custom. Flatline barrel system. Drop forward. JT USA. Replacement lenses. Paintball mask. Kingman - Spyder. Fenix. Kingman spyder fenix. Viewloader. Paintball hopper. Brass eagle. Xtreme marker. Dye. Dye invision. Boomstick. 32 degrees. Paintball harnesses. Diablo paintball. Draxxus paint.

Snowboarding is an awesome sport. Zooming down the slopes across a wintery landscape is a must for anyone wanting a high speed adrenalin rush. You just zip up, strap on the board, point downhill, and away you go. It's almost always a disappointment when the run comes to an end. But that just makes you want to get to the top and do it again... and again... Check out the videos to see how much fun you can have even as a beginner!